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At this time we are moving office locations and do not have telephone access. Please use the emails in the contact list below.

Placement Coordinators:

Local (Edmonton and Area) Secondary Placements
Gwen Penney:

Local (Edmonton and Area) Elementary Placements
Maureen Labelle:

Regional Placements
Linda Brittain:

Field Experience Associates:

Lead Field Experience Associate
Roberta Baril: 780-492-2719

Zone 1 (North West Edmonton & St. Albert/Morinville)
Marcus Halley: 780-492-0240

Zone 2 (North East Edmonton)
Loretta Manning: 780-492-0239

Zone 3 (West Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Devon)
Brian Sydora: 780-492-0871

Zone 5 (South Central Edmonton)
Val Petrone: 780-492-5716

Zone 6 (East Edmonton and Sherwood park)
Chris Douglas: 492-9239

Zone 7 (Southwest Edmonton area)
Maureen Yates: 492-0233

Zone 8 (South Edmonton, Leduc, Beaumont)
Sue Chevalier: 492-0235